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  • Are your family dynamics in need of repair?
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  • Do the actions of others drive you crazy?
  • Are you ready to experience relationships that thrive?

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When I discovered the personalities through Parenting Awesome Kids, my family interaction changed dramatically. I no longer treated my children with a cookie-cutter parenting approach. I discovered their unique tendencies and emotional needs and chose to meet each one directly. We’ve moved from living at the end-of-our-rope to experiencing more peace and calm in the home.“

Kelly H.

Family dynamics changed drastically!

I thought other people had problems that I needed to fix. Learning how my personality-bent naturally responded to others helped me to interact in a more positive way at home and at work. I now consider the personalities when I communicate, lead, and interact with others. I encourage everyone to get LINKED; it’s a relational game changer.”

Will T.

People don’t need fixing!